Welcome to EVE  

EVE is a platform for continuing education primarily for vet nurses and techs but will benefit anyone and everyone involved in clinical veterinary practice.

The content will be delivered online and available as ‘in-clinic’ tutorials across Melbourne. 

If you are interested in booking an ‘in house’ tutorial at your practice, please send an email via the ‘contact me’ page. 

The subjects covered will largely focus on emergency medicine but are relatable to all aspects of small animal veterinary work.  

EVE is founded by Sara Mooney RVN CertVNECC VTS (ECC), a UK registered veterinary nurse ECC specialist with a strong passion for emergency medicine, teaching and sharing the knowledge. 

Sara’s mission is to motivate and empower nurses, techs and vets to work at their very best and achieve their goals.

EVE was created to provide accessible and affordable education that delivers practical knowledge that is relatable and easily applied, to improve patient care. 

EVE believes that keeping things fun is key, whether that be in-clinic or online learning! If we enjoy the learning process, we are more likely to remember what we have learnt and apply it to our daily practices.  


My main interests in clinical practice are Emergency and Critical Care, ICU in-patient care, fluid therapy and anaesthesia. 

I love getting to know my patients and being able to provide them with the care and attention I would give my own pets. I enjoy applying evidence-based medicine to my nursing practices to ensure the best possible outcomes for my patients. 

My other main areas of interest are teaching, motivating and empowering everyone in the veterinary industry to find their passion and achieve their dreams.

When I am not working on EVE I am usually attending to my beloved house plants, crafting a project, baking a cake or enjoying the outdoors with a coffee! 

Thinking of becoming a vet nurse?

Veterinary nursing is progressive career which can be both fulfilling and extremely rewarding.

Veterinary nurses have the opportunity to work in a variety of divisions within the industry, including small animal, farm, equine and exotics. Being a veterinary nurse often means working within dynamic teams that collaborate to deliver health care to those who can not speak for themselves.  

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Reviews & Feedback

I participated in Sara’s ‘in house’ fluid therapy tutorial. I found it extremely informative and Sara explains everything in a way thats easy to understand. It finally helped my get a grasp on a really difficult topic.

Steph Nicholls

I’ve attended talks by Sara on blood pressure monitoring, IVFT and triage. Her knowledge base is impressive and her delivery easy to follow and digest. You are sure to walk away with something new and be one (or several) steps closer to providing gold standard care with confidence! 

Hannah  Robertson

I attended Sara’s CPR workshop and feel so much more comfortable in performing CPR. Sara’s workshops are informative and easy to understand, making learning new concepts enjoyable. Sara has a genuine passion for teaching, that is reflected in the energy and enthusiasm she pours into her workshops. I strongly recommend EVE to vets, vet nursing students and vet nurses who wish to update or learn new skills. 

Rachel Amon 

Friends of EVE