My love for blood pressure monitoring is real! I harp on about it pretty regularly and I’ve published several blood pressure related webinars and posts since starting EVE 10 months ago!

My love started the moment I was introduced to the doppler machine!! I don’t know what it was about that little box and its accompanying sphygmomanometer, but I was fascinated! I began practicing on random patients that came into our mixed practice clinic and my skills quickly began to develop! It wasn’t long until every vet in the building started searching for me whenever they needed a blood pressure reading! Honestly, I loved the responsibility and recognition, it was the first real thing I felt good at and my confidence blossomed!

With my interest peaked, I started to look a little more closely at blood pressure and the intricate systems that regulate it! I was particularly interested in chronic diseases that effect blood pressure, particularly chronic renal disease.

I felt that blood pressure monitoring was an area that vet nurses could really get involved with! This led me to set up geriatric screening programs with the aim of catching hypertension in older patients, before they started to show clinical signs. I was so fortunate to work in a supportive clinic who nurtured my enthusiasm and creativity. They gave me all the support and tools to set these clinics up. Vets who had recently diagnosed hypertension or chronic kidney disease in patients would recommend my blood pressure clinics to the clients. For an annual fee, patient’s were able to have their blood pressure checked regularly throughout the year, as part of comprehensive nurse health checks. These health checks, alongside two 6 monthly vet checks, allowed close monitoring of the pet’s chronic disease and dedicated support to the client.

Getting accurate blood pressure readings in veterinary patients takes time and effort. There are plenty of limitations that can get in the way and cause inaccurate and unbelievable measurements! I believe good training is the key to good blood pressure readings! I was so lucky to have such wonderful support from my first clinic and I love returning that support by training other nurses in this area.

Since starting work in emergency and critical care, I’ve been unable to participate in nurse led clinics, but I love to offer help and support to any nurses or practices who wish to set them up. Nurses are so valuable and can offer so much to better the lives of our patient’s and their families! All you need is passion and a little creativity!!

Throughout the month of March we will be looking into blood pressure monitoring techniques, the limitations and management of hypo and hypertension. There is also a blood pressure webinar available for purchase on my website for only $4.99 AUD!! I highly recommend this webinar to anyone interested in learning more about blood pressure management and monitoring!

Anyway, that’s all for now! I hope you enjoy following EVE’s blood pressure March month!!

Sara x



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