Recently, I began reflecting on my learning journey in relation to this subject.  I, like most of you,  “learnt” on the job, through supervision from senior RVN’s. Although, I received excellent support from wonderfully talented colleagues, I did not possess the underpinning knowledge which supports the practical delivery of anaesthesia to patients. 

The anaesthesia module within my nursing diploma was extremely detailed and was a core subject in each of the 3 years. Now, looking back I believe this provided a solid foundation for what is an extremely complex topic and it deserves no less. I learnt the subject well and once I combined my new found knowledge with the hands on experience, I knew I had found my passion! The scary thing was, that I quickly began to realise, just how little I had actually known prior to my nursing education!!

Shortly after qualifying, I uprooted to Sheffield city to work as an RVN and Clinical Coach. It was at this point, I gained a passion for teaching. I feel it is so important to be as good as you can be, a well trained Veterinary Nurse is an asset to the practice they work for. I held onto my thoughts, hoping one day, I would help other nurses to strive for a profession they are proud to be a part of. EVE , was born out of seedlings of my experiences; clinical and academic learning.

On each seminar, I will always end with a handful of ‘take home’ or ‘key’ points. This should help nurses to remember salient points for clinical practice. I look forward to my teaching journey and hope students come along with me, as I make learning fun, accessible and affordable.
Anaesthesia is a complex topic! However, I am here to help you understand the equipment you use, and how it works!

So what are EVE’s 3 take home anaesthesia points?
1 Have good knowledge and understanding of equipment.
2  Strive for excellent patient care and nursing standards.
3 Tailored anaesthetic and analgesic protocols to every patient!

Talk soon EVE followers,

Sara x



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